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The in-text citation is simple, generally including the author's last name and page number.

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Dragons Love Tacos. Start the citation with the title. Reminder: If the concluding sentence of the research project is on page 10, the reference list starts on page How to cite a digital image: Last name, First name of the creator if available. Editor, screen name, author, or compiler name if available. Problematic for most is not the nudity of the behind, but the frontal nudity. Academic Search Premier.

Next, if a page number is available, type the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence. For the website used in the example above, the in-text citation would be written as: One Health and Disease.

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Hyde, Maggie, and Michael McGinnis. Example: pp. End the citation with the URL. While similar, they have some unique differences. The ultimate goal of a research project is to have your voice and research merged together as one. Black Panther. If a title is determined to be too long, a shortened version of the title is appropriate. Leave one space after a period or other concluding punctuation mark, unless your instructor prefers two spaces. On the cover of most magazines, you can find the title of the magazine as well as the date the magazine was published. To include a footnote or endnote, add a superscript number at the end of the sentence the footnote or endnote refers to. Both his father and sister passed away when he was a toddler.

Creating the Entries The full citation entries run along the left side of the paper, along the one inch margin. End the field with a period.

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Location The reference page is the final page of a research paper and starts on its very own page. In fact, many of these fields will most likely be omitted from your citations. Any other contributors such as the photographer, if it is not the same as the account holder are then listed, after which you will add the date and URL.

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Formatting a Research Paper