Write 10 questions you would ask to learn more about a person s problems feelings relationships and

You can be more rational about your irrational thinking. In relationships, communication allows to you explain to someone else what you are experiencing and what your needs are.

relationship questions and answers

Find five minutes for a five-minute-level check-in. Non-verbal communication When we communicate, we can say a lot without speaking. Why does that matter? No Blood, No Foul? What happened when you did the exercise?

Think about it from their point of view. Created with Sketch. We are a non-profit organization helping people to live happier, more meaningful lives with emotional intelligence. Pause and Ask for Feedback Sometimes as a speaker you will go on and on, without pausing.

That's the only way to show that he or she is really listening.

how to ask your boyfriend if he still wants to be with you

But don't hit the other person over the head with it. This can also be lots of drama or ups and downs in a relationship. Maybe the advice is not helpful, maybe it's irrational.

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Deciding whether to leave a relationship