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She goes to slums also.

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Even we have grandmothers. Only then can we be counted as one of the top teams in the world. Then next day I got a message from the school calling me to meet the teacher. That will be a real icing on the cake. He demands that his aunt should make his favourite dishes for him. I was not out and it was the second day. When Sachin was 4 or 5 years old, he would hold children older than him. If I did something well I wanted to better that. The only thing is, I had to go in there and play with their ideas. You owe that to them. I was trying to find a reason to push myself hard and people helped me to push harder. That was game changer for me.

Interview by Ms. I should be doing what the team wants me to and not what someone sitting 85 yards away in the commentators' box feels.

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On flat surfaces, the bowling sides try to dry up the runs, so it's a different kind of challenge. When we played in Pakistan this year, the first four innings in the ODIs had scores of above ; it was amazing.

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There is another way of looking at it. I have very small hands and my fingers have never been strong.

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He guided me, but most of the things I learned came from watching him.

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