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Perhaps one of the most important things we shared was a love of music.

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He spent Christmas and New Year alone, looked after the house, carried out his duties as treasurer at the Bridge Club, and single-handedly entertained friends from England.

More often than not, he wouldn't be gone for that long, but admitted that he loved driving so much, he looked for any excuse to have a spin.

He taught me many, many things but I think most importantly he gave us the ability to know that if you really put your mind to something, anything is possible, and never to be afraid to give anything a go. He never came to my house without a car full of tools and a chain saw for chopping logs.

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From his education to his career, from his skill with every kind of tool that could fashion wood or metal, brick or cement, my Dad engaged with the world as a man who would be its master. Thanks to Andre for his support for us all and especially Lesley my beautiful sister who has always been there for me.

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This guilt was certainly aggravated in when he found out about his congestive heart failure, an ultimately terminal condition. He woke up everyday, put on his shoes, and went to work to provide for our family. The other trait I picked up from Dad was an obsession for recycling, cleaning and rescuing things. He waited for me before he passed, to be sure his son would be there to comfort his beloved wife when his time came. A few weeks ago, Andy and I were talking about how supportive Mum and Dad had been over the last few months and we decided we should surprise them with some flowers out of the blue. He and Mom took in his elderly sister when she neared the end. I had seen him provide advice and kind words to homeless alcoholics over a cup of coffee, even if just to give him some cash in the end for a bottle of gin. We were prepared, as we had learnt years ago what the week-end would involve. He was an imposing figure of a man, a tall, dark, handsome character whose reassuring presence we all felt during difficult times. He showed strength and love right up until his last days with us.

We really ribbed him about his habit of counting cutlery and glasses, and such. I would lie in bed with him crying.

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Truthfully, it is difficult for me to imagine that my dad did not complete university, as he was the most intelligent and driven man that I knew, this is, of course, notwithstanding modern-age technology. Many of his stories, however, revealed his addiction to alcohol.

He also loved culture and nature. So I have sung it just for him very recently, little did I realise what significance that would soon have.

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I will miss my inspiration. He taught me many, many things but I think most importantly he gave us the ability to know that if you really put your mind to something, anything is possible, and never to be afraid to give anything a go. He would pull Mum in his arms and dance around the room while we clapped hands and giggled You know Colin loved you all very much and he was so proud of all your wonderful achievements. My father was responsible to the very end. One of my favourite memories was the break up jerky. His paradise was here on earth with his family. He saw a lot during his lifetime: a world ravaged by war, he was himself served in the armed forces in Vietnam , and an uncertain world with the Cold War, the Oil Crisis, and Iraq all understandably influencing his views on the post-war world in which he himself grew up and, later, raised his own family. Frezza: Aug. The choir was in the pit with the orchestra. My father was proud to be an engineer. The day before he passed when the hospice nurse asked him how he was doing, he gave the same answer he gave every day. My father relished the good things in life including art and music, travel and photography, food and wine, and friends and family. His passion for woodworking in his retirement gave him many happy hours creating in his workshop. The same principles apply for eulogies for mothers.
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