Writing a thesis in latex

Fortunately, using LaTeX, you can focus on the content rather than the formatting of your thesis.

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Furthermore, when an entry was incorrect e. See here: tex. No need to load in the image files, hyperlinked references or complex tables, which can potentially crash your software, resulting in loss of data or formatting. Happy TeXing! As for licensing: The content which is created by you does not need to be licensed at all, or can be licensed under another license than the LPPL -- I licensed my thesis under the MIT license, for example. Also, make sure you know the requirements of your institution for your document, and try to incorporate those from the start e. For my PhD, I decided to use Overleaf. For example, one popular tool today is Overleaf , which has some pretty nice features, such as collaborative writing and direct submission to journals. June by tom 16 Comments Writing a thesis is a time-intensive endeavor. Nevertheless, manual curation of the references, was still a necessity. For example, I decided to start with the TU Delft template as it already looks pretty neat. Please proof me wrong.

For this you will probably need to export a. Some even have their own templates -- if yours does, probably best to use that. I liked it back then, but thought it was somewhat of a niche thing used in mathematics and physics departments only. Title page Again, follow the instructions of your institution if there are any.

using latex to write a phd thesis

These packages offer great flexibility in customizing the look of a bibliography, depending on the preference in the field or the author.

For example, in my thesis, each chapter starts with a large right-justified number followed by the title of the chapter.

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Dare to ask! LaTeX makes it easy to switch the order of chapters At a certain point, we decided to switch the order of my chapters.

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Writing my PhD thesis in LaTeX: my personal experience